With integrity and accountability becoming a rarity these days. It’s nice to have a contractor that holds both attributes in high regard.

Pete is a pleasure to work with from start to finish and will ensure that you receive a quality product that you can be proud of. Highly recommended!

Shane Holbert

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Cavacini.

He is hard-working and pays attention to details. He genuinely care about his work. He was a stranger when he walked into my home, but felt family when he left. I was would recommend this company to everyone.

Samantha Wyllie

Honest company, quality work, best money I ever spent.

Will be my first call when I remodeled my basement!!! Affordable I recommend Them for any small or large job.

Bill Stoler

Pete has been an excellent resource and my "go-to-guy" for all of my home improvement needs.

Hired first to install a knee wall and collar ties to all of my roof rafters, Pete reinforced my homes structural integrity in an incredibly timely and cost effective manner. Having bought a mid century home in as-is condition last year, I am grateful to have a knowledgeable resource like Pete to work through all the repair issues that have come up. I have since hired him for other projects like a water damaged ceiling repair, a new door jam, wall patching, painting, and ceiling fan installation. He will also be my first call when I start our kitchen renovations in the summer!

Kristina Vagen
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