Cabinet Repair 101

Without fail, when walking into most kitchens in America, you are sure to be greeted with some type of cabinetry. This is due to the fact that cabinets are useful, practical, and provide a sense of completeness to virtually any kitchen. Though they’re not considered to be high-maintenance, cabinets don’t exactly last forever, and can show signs of distress and/or damage quicker than you think. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at the ins and outs of cabinet repair, and why remains an important undertaking for homeowners. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!

What Does Cabinet Damage Look Like?

Cabinet damage can manifest in a number of different ways – including some ways that are not always detectable to the human eye. Some signs of cabinet damage to look out for includes (but is not limited to):

  • Soft Cabinets

Soft things are usually nice and comforting, but in the case of cabinetry, this implies quite the opposite. In fact, cabinets that feel soft to the touch are a warning sign of damage, as it suggests that your cabinet has lost its structural integrity and may be starting to fall apart.

  • Moldy/Water Damaged Cabinets

This one may be a little bit more difficult to detect, but that doesn’t make it any less of a threat. Quite easily, water damage and/or mold can slowly diminish your cabinetry, and if not treated properly, can cause potentially irreversible damage. This is also not the mention the respiratory issues that can come with mold.

Why Cabinet Repair is Important

When cabinet damage takes place, as a homeowner, you’ll want to take the step toward maintenance sooner than later – particularly with the help of a professional team like us at Cavacini Custom Remodel. In many cases, performing cabinet maintenance on your own can result in spending excess time and energy – time and energy that many homeowners don’t even have to begin with. By enlisting the help of professionals, you leave the project in the hands of trained experts that know what it takes to restore your cabinets back to their former glory.

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